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Possibility to set default values for adding new patrons

It would be very helpful if it were possible to set default values for new patrons, such as country, language and pick up branch. At the moment, the only default value is "Benutzer" for patron category. This would make it easier to register new patrons. Thank you!

  • Susanne Manz
  • Sep 22 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Marcel Peters commented
    1 Apr, 2022 06:27am


    diese Funktion wäre wirklich extrem hilfreich, so würde es mehrere Arbeitsschritte einsparen.

  • Susanne Manz commented
    12 Oct, 2021 02:15pm

    Yes, the first functionality you mention would be very nice to have!

    And yes again, it works with the country when I enter the address and chose the suggestion, this is something very practical that works fine. So in this case, I guess there is no need for a default value for country anymore.

    Thanks for considering this idea for future development!

    Have a nice evening,


  • Admin
    Magdalena Olofsson (Axiell) commented
    12 Oct, 2021 01:46pm

    Sorry, with "user" I mean staff. When you work at the counter in Zug you are logged in to Zug. When creating the patron at the desk in Zug, I guess that you want the default pickup branch to be set to Zug.

    I have tested to add the adress from the suggestion from Google Places in your installation and it fills in Schweiz. If you don't get any suggestions from Google please contact support, it should work!

    No, the language is not set to German so you can search for it in notification language in Patrons.

    Best regards


  • Susanne Manz commented
    12 Oct, 2021 12:23pm

    Hi Magdalena, thanks for your reply!

    What do you mean with "the branch that the user is logged in to"? New users in Quria are in most cases created by us at the library counter, so they are not really logged in...

    That's good to know about the language, but we do also collect statistics about customer languages. Will this default value de_CH also show up and be counted as language "German" in the statistics?

    No, we do not use Google Places as far as I know, or at least the country is not entered automatically.

    Regardless of these questions about single fields, I think it would be helpful for many Quria users if there were a possibility to set individual default values for individual fields for each library.

    Thank you and kind regards,


  • Admin
    Magdalena Olofsson (Axiell) commented
    11 Oct, 2021 01:51pm


    Thanks, that is good idea but I would like to discuss it a little.

    Default pick up branch, I think it would be nicer if the branch that the user is logged in to would show up a default, what do you think?

    Language, of you don't choose anyone the patron gets notifications in the so called tenant language, which is de_CH in your case. Would you like to have other default language on some branches?

    Country is entered if you use Google places, do you use that and if yes, does it not make the default country unneccesary?