Axiell Quria Ideas

Welcome to the Ideas Portal for Quria users!

Axiell wants to get our customers to be involved in the roadmaps suggesting ideas for features or functions. Unfortunately we cannot develope each and every function suggested but we want to make sure that you have your say. Add your ideas, and opinions to Axiell's roadmap, creating new features that yours and other libraries would benefit from. You can also vote for other peoples suggestions as well.

Please note: If you have an error or a misbehaving function, please contact your local Support for the best possible service.

How it works:
The ideas are read and reviewed on a regular basis (a local representative to your region will do an initial check). Your ideas will then be available for others to see, vote on and discuss. We encourage discussions between the idea contributors.

Successful ideas will the be prioritzed within our backlog.

Ausweisen der Umsatzsteuer

Ab 1.1.2023 muss bei der Bezahlung von Produkten, die nicht primäre Bibliotheksdienstleistungen sind, die Umsatzsteuer ausgewiesen werden, in der Abrechnung und auf den Quittungen. Dies betrifft also Tickets für Veranstaltungen, verkaufte Taschen oder die Abrechnung von Ausdrucken.
Dies hätten wir gerne in Quria integriert, da wir sonst keine Verkäufe mehr über Quria tätigen können und da es alle Bibliotheken in Deutschland betrifft.

  • Andreas Klinger
  • Dec 28 2022
  • Under investigation
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