Axiell Quria Ideas

Welcome to the Ideas Portal for Quria users!

Axiell wants to get our customers to be involved in the roadmaps suggesting ideas for features or functions. Unfortunately we cannot develope each and every function suggested but we want to make sure that you have your say. Add your ideas, and opinions to Axiell's roadmap for Quria, creating new features that yours and other libraries would benefit from. You can also vote for other peoples suggestions as well.

In order to make this portal more useful for all the contributors and for us that work with your ideas, we kindly ask you to write in English.

Please note: If you have an error or a misbehaving function, please contact your local Support for the best possible service. If you are not sure what forum that is the most appropriate for your issue, please choose local support as a first step.

How it works:
The ideas are read and reviewed on a regular basis, by product manager and/or local representative. Your ideas will then be available for others to see, vote on and discuss. We encourage discussions between the idea contributors.

Successful ideas will the be prioritzed within our backlog.

We reserve the right to reject ideas, and also close issues after 3 months if we don't receive an answer to our follow up questions.

Skicka lista på aktiva lån till låntagare via e-post

Vi skulle vilja kunna skicka lista på aktiva lån till en låtagare per e-post direkt från låntagarvyn. Som det är nu måste man antingen låna om böckerna och då välja att skicka kvitto per e-post eller skriva ut listan som PDF, spara PDF:en och sen bifoga den i ett mail. Detta är tidskrävande. I Mikromarc fanns det en funktion för det här och det sparade mycket tid då vi skickar lånelistor till lärare vid terminsslut.

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  • Nov 10 2023
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