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Find and delete unused keywords

Keywords that no longer have a title / copy cannot be found and edited / deleted in Quria.

Keywords that were edited and deleted during data import should be able to be deleted from the list of keywords

(are displayed in the list with 0 and recycle bin)

A job for deleting unused keywords would be nice, or at least the possibility to find and delete them.

Schlagworte, die keinen Titel / Exemplar mehr haben, können in Quria nicht gefunden und bearbeitet / gelöscht werden.

Schlagworte, die beim Datenimport bearbeitet und gelöscht wurden, müssten aus der Liste der Schlagwörter gelöscht werden können

(werden in der Liste mit 0 und Papierkorb angezeigt)

Ein Job für das Löschen ungenutzter Schlagwörter wäre schön, oder zumindest die Möglichkeit diese zu finden und zu löschen.

  • Anja Wegner-Rau
  • Nov 6 2023
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  • Anja Wegner-Rau commented
    18 Jan 09:10am

    yes, this is it!
    And its new.

    Thank you,

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    Anja Wegner-Rau
    SB EDV / Internet / Werbung
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    Puschkinplatz 7a, 07545 Gera
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    Von: Axiell <>
    Gesendet: Donnerstag, 4. Januar 2024 16:00
    An: Wegner-Rau, Anja
    Betreff: Magdalena Olofsson (Axiell) responded to idea QURIA-I-809 Find and delete unused keywords

  • Admin
    Magdalena Olofsson (Axiell) commented
    4 Jan 02:58pm

    I understand your wish but I am trying to fit it into the system in a good way. We are in the middle of developing functions for handling works, expressions and manifestation s in the new tab W/E/M in Collections. If you choose Works in the drop down there is a possibility to do exactly what you write.

    There will come more functionality here during the year. To be able to add and remove subjects from works here is one prioritized area.

  • Anja Wegner-Rau commented
    4 Jan 11:22am

    It would also be good if you could find and edit keywords, e.g. with spelling mistakes. The integration into the refined search would also be very good for this.

  • Anja Wegner-Rau commented
    4 Jan 11:06am

    I know this procedure and can understand the reasons.

    However, the keywords cannot be found without a title.

    Therefore a suggestion:

    In the collections in the advanced search under Topic: insert the dropdown here, where all keywords used are visible (as in the work) when you start writing something. The keywords to be edited could then be selected and the corresponding media displayed and edited or deleted.

    Would that be possible?

    best regards,

    Anja Wegner-Rau

  • Admin
    Magdalena Olofsson (Axiell) commented
    17 Nov, 2023 04:30pm


    If you click on the papierkorb they will be removed next Monday, since the scheduled job for removing unused metadata this is set to run on Mondays.

    In the beginning they were removed automatically as soon as they were not attached to a work, but the customers were upset since they lost normdata that they wanted to keep. So this is how we solved it.

    Or have I misunderstood your wish?